Cleaning & Lubricating Your Knife

Cleaning & Lubricating your Knife

Do this every 200 times your open your knife!

Always keep the blade, activation thumb button and inside of your knife clean and lubricated. Accumulation of dirt and pocket lint may adversely affect the speed of blade deployment and retraction.

You do not need to open your knife to clean it!

To properly clean, use cigarette lighter fuel.  It's very cheap and you can buy it at WalMart. With the blade inside the handle, pour a good amount of lighter fuel into your knife.  Shake your knife for a few seconds and pour the lighter fuel out. This should clean out all the pocket lint and dust that has built up. Let your knife air dry for a few moments. When the lighter fuel evaporates it will leave a small amount of oil on the parts inside your knife that will help lubricate it.  We want you to get years of enjoyment from your Fury knife!



See a demonstration on maintaining your knife.